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Your World-Class Musical Experience in Georgia

July 20-28, 2024

Welcome to IPM. We are thrilled to be back in 2024!


IPM marked a significant milestone in 2023 with the successful inauguration of the IPM Festival in Vienna. It attracted world-renowned pianists associated with prestigious institutions and renowned performance venues, gaining acclaim for its outstanding competitions and unwavering commitment to the training of young musicians. Capitalizing on this accomplishment, the organization extended its influence by introducing a new International Piano Masters Festival in Tbilisi this year. Our venue, the wonderful Tbilisi State Conservatory, will be the perfect setting for a week filled with piano lessons, lectures, discussions, performance opportunities, a solo International Piano Competition with three age categories and an International Piano Concerto Competition. Particularly noteworthy is the chance for one exceptional performer from this event to collaborate with the orchestra in one of Tbilisi's most prestigious music venues. IPM also made the strategic decision to incorporate a Voice Department, recognizing the pivotal role of voice as the essence of music. Participants also enjoy the distinct opportunity to showcase their talents in the Promising Star Concert. The overarching objective of IPM is to propel young artists onto the global stage. Through IPM, the organization strives to identify and support exceptionally talented young pianists worldwide, fostering and enriching their artistic capabilities.


At IPM, our mission is to provide aspiring young pianists with a rich tapestry of piano-focused activities, creating a vibrant community and educational platform where knowledge, experiences, and passion seamlessly converge. Our dedication lies in offering a comprehensive education rooted in pianistic traditions, cultivating the talents of tomorrow and equipping them for flourishing careers. IPM stands as an innovative and thorough foundation for pianists, embracing a commitment to excellence.


Join us for the vibrant concerts, master classes, lectures, discussions, competitions, and performance opportunities at the Tbilisi International Piano Masters Festival in beautiful Georgia from July 20 - 28, 2024!

Pascal Nemirovski, IPM Founder-CEO & Artistic Director

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